Want to hire Todd to draw something special for you? You can commission a one of a kind piece. Your commission will include one HD digital image hand drawn and colored by Todd. This one of a kind piece will be send to your email in PDF and JPG format for you to print and do with as you please. No commissions Todd is hired to draw will ever be mass produced or sold at conventions or online. They are yours and ONLY yours.

Prices for commissions are listed below. Payment is due up front (not on completion). If you’d like to hire Todd to make something for you, simply shoot him an email at In the email describe exactly what you would like made and Todd will message you back with a final price.

Commission Rates:
These rates are all for fully rendered and colored images.

One figure (Character): $50
Additional Characters: $25 (each)
Detailed Background: $50

If you do not have the means to get them printed it can also be printed and mailed to you for an additional $10